Exclusive subscriptions

Hello hello!

If you want, I offer exclusive subscriptions on Patreon .

Here is an overview of the subscriptions offered:

This Patreon is also a chance to merge my two deepest passions and to forge closer ties with you, beyond social networks. This is the opportunity to open the backstage doors of my creative life to you.

By subscribing, you will have access to a range of exclusive digital and/or physical content depending on the level of your choice. Each level brings advantages linked to my store and my networks. In particular, you will be able to find preview access to the store's new products, a promotional code each month and an envelope containing exclusive products matching one of the latest collections and access to the "room on demand" to purchase certain exclusive products from previous shipments.

A preview of the August envelope of platinum nuggets, containing two cards and an exclusive sticker sheet on opaque and semi-transparent paper, all matching the "mailings" collection:

An overview of the different rewards:

Your subscription, even for one month, will be invaluable support to allow me to develop my professional activity and make a living from my passion for reading and stationery.

I am deeply grateful if you decide to join this adventure, and become a Nugget .

With all my gratitude,

Gwladys ✨